I started in sales as a naïve advertising telesales rep for a local newspaper, because I realised my passion was face-to-face sales I was swiftly promoted to Sales Manager and, over the years, I progressed to senior level Business Development and Commercial Director positions.  
- Improving sales performance is an essential role for any Business Owner. If you don't go after new sources of growth, and go after it right away, you'll miss big opportunities that your competitors will capture instead. I've been in the marketing and sales profession for almost thirty years; in a range of businesses, private and Public sector, and in such diverse markets as advertising, banking, event management and social housing. I would say that I've built my career by building businesses! I have a passion for drive and excellence in everything that I do and take pride in my ability to work with a variety of clients and develop amazing professional relationships. 
One thing you can be sure of, I will always provide a level of service and advice which you will find hard to experience elsewhere, because I am “It's A Steele!” The buck starts and stops with me, no excuses, no junior members of staff to deal with and no 5 o'clock finishes! I've often been told that 'my enthusiasm is contagious'. Helping other business owners is what makes me tick, I love the sense of achievement from working with people to reach their goals - it doesn't need to be daunting. In fact, it is usually great fun too! 
“My promise to you, as a Business Coach - I offer a 100% tailored service, working with you to explore the best option (one day per week/month, retainer, full and part-time on-site or project based ad hoc,) to ensure we achieve your objectives in the most cost effective, time-efficient way. I provide an expert business consultant service, driving growth and improving your business process.” 
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